A Lady.

Lady is a civil term of respect for a woman, it is the equivalent to Gentleman or Lord.

So, I asked my male friends who a lady is,

Sumi says  a lady is well and soft spoken, well-mannered, highly polite and a woman of high standard that is well respected in the society and she commands attention.

hmmm…nice 🙂

Yinka says a female with brain body and spirit.


Charles says a lady is attributed to a modest woman…refinement and social status.


Afoke says one who has respect for herself and others, strong-headed and at the same time soft-hearted.

ilike 🙂

Ayoleyi says a lady is a member of the feminine species that is responsible, respectful, caring, God-fearing, matured in her thinking as well as her actions, home-keeper, good cook, cheerful giver, cultured and with a good sense of humor and dress sense.

Now, this is loaded. Ayoleyi 🙂

COD say a gift, a care-giver, a help meet… nice 🙂

Well, they are all right. Have got more to share but emm…

Let me hear from you.

Who is a lady?





9 thoughts on “A Lady.

  1. A lady is a female who is conscious of her womanhood.
    She knows … I mean she is aware of herself as a LADY FIGURE.
    No man encounters her without a thirst of this attribute, she is respected and desired no matter what she looks like.

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