Who am I?

Unapologetically black

My name happens to be Elizabeth Titilayo (everlasting joie) Addo.

Afua (friday baby) happens to be my Ghanaian name.

I am so proud to be African (I am black and proud).

I’m a God girl 🙂

I love every November 23 (that happens to be my birthday 🙂 )

I love the phrase ‘look beyond what you see”,  it has helped me to see the good out of every situation regardless…

Any lady out there?  It is a huge privilege to be a lady…

Do not forget that you are specially fashioned by the ALMIGHTY.

Ladies, what do you know about yourselves?

Let’s roll…


2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. A lady is a female who is conscious of her womanhood.
    She knows … I mean she is aware of herself as a LADY FIGURE.
    No man encounters her without a thirst of this attribute, she is respected and desired no matter what she looks like.

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