Trust or Love?

So, I asked myself which is important in a relationship trust or love?

Is it possible to love without trust or trust without love?

My colleague says that once you trust him then love will not be difficult, it will just flow. I kind of agree with her sha.

My humble opinion of trust is simply exposing your vulnerabilities to people, but believing they will not take advantage of your openness…like giving someone your heart and believing it not be broken.

Companionship, friendship, agreement, comfort, and love are all found in trust…if you ask me I would tell you that the foundation of love is trust…destroy that foundation called trust and love will be destroy totally.

This happens to be my humble opinion, so, what do have to say?


8 thoughts on “Trust or Love?

  1. This is usually a very controversial topic. But I feel “Trust” is one of the major currencies in the business of relationships. I personally would prefer someone I trust. Bcos once trust is in place, love follows. You cannot love unconditionally unless u trust the person. Love is a feeling, but trust is an action. If u have both, then u’re blessed!

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  2. I believe that there is no love without trust,cuz trust is the foundation of every relationship. when you love without trust then it is called lust and not trust is the master key.

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