Welcome July.

My dearest friend sent me this prayer for the month of July and I want to share.

As the number 7 denotes REST, for our CREATOR  rested on the 7th day of creation, may you enter into God’s rest this month and be refreshed and invigorated by HIM.

May you begin to operate in divine perfection and accomplish all you set out to do to the glory of HIS name.

As the HEIR to the greatest FATHER, may you walk in the excellence of HIS dignity and power.

The ALMIGHTY shall bless you with the blessings of the Heaven above, the blessings of the deep that crouch beneath and the blessings of the womb and the breast.

May the ONE whose blessings count both for time and eternity shine HIS countenance upon you that the storehouse of HIS bounty shall be upon you to send rain on your land this season, you will lend to nations and borrow from none.

Your basket and kneading trough are blessed.

When your foes come at your direction, they shall flee in 7 ways.

He shall multiply you in every way including your oil and your grain.

Remain in HIS perfect will.



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