A Star.

Reserved…Shy…Meek…Concealed…A Jew who grew up as an exile…A star…Esther.

Placed her life down for others…a public figure…a political entity…a person of control and power…A lady, her body, mind, and soul and actions affected reality and changed the world…

She was taken as the queen against her will and was picked by the King for her exceptional beauty. She could have been killed for disobedience, but she took the big risk, it was necessary, so she took her older cousin’s advice and requested that the entire Jews fast and pray for her success.

“if I perish, I perish”, she chose to do the right thing regardless of what was going to happen and found favour before the King and she saved her people from the plot of the enemy.

Do not forget that everytime you make your choice for God, you will always secure His maximum backing regardless…

Have  a blessed and wonderful weekend.


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