Monday Prayer.

Dearest Father,

Its Monday, the beginning of a another work week, thank You for it.

I am acknowledging You for who You are, for all You have done, all You are doing presently, and all You are going to do for us.

Thank You for the gift of life and the opportunity You always give to see every new day.

The weekend was splendid and packed full of activities, but You were in it all,  we are grateful.

Thank You for the various weddings that took place, I humbly ask You to please be with each couple that just got married, give them a wonderful home, may LOVE be their home, starting a home is not easy, but with You in it, things will workout fine.

Bless them with the gift of a loving, sweet and tender heart. Let the husbands sincerely love their wives, and have eyes for only them, let the wives be truly submissive to their husbands with a great deal of respect, may they both be true to their vows as they have taken them in Your presence, may they raise up goodly children that would love You regardless…

For all my single ladies, please bless us and help us prepare ourselves for that person You have made for us. May we not see waiting as a waste of time, may it not lead us into unnecessary depression and just settle for just anything that You have not planned for us.

Help us know that being single does not mean that we are weak, but that we are strong enough to wait for the BEST. Help us be the fruit on the tree that a Man has to go out of his way to find rather than being the fruit on the ground that just everyone can get.

Help us focus on building character, and not so much on our physical looks, because character catches the heart. Help us know that a SMILE is the best makeup any lady can wear.

Grant all that we desire as we delight in YOU.



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