Drink Water Always

Dear Ladies

For some people, its difficult to drink water, I sincerely admit because, I know what I had to pay to start loving water but…

the body cannot function without water,

it keeps the body running,

it regulates the body temperature, and

it is interesting to know that it cushions joints too 🙂

Drinking 2 glasses of water in the morning helps activate internal organs

Drinking 1 glass of water before a meal will help you in digestion

Try drinking 1 glass of water before taking a shower, it really helps prevent high blood pressure

Before going to bed try 1 glass again, it helps prevent strokes or heart attacks.

Increase water intake when it is hot, humid or cold, it is a regulator that helps our body adjust to climate changes.

Yes, the restroom will be you best friend, and it can be really annoying, but you will feel good after you see how pure and clean your weewee is.

I took a trip to Ghana by road last June, and I was off water for days, it really felt like I was so incomplete without my bottle of water by my side, and of course I did not want to be found disturbing the driver to please stop at every restroom.

Try not to take the really ice water, it is not healthy for you. Mix it half cold and half warm and you will enjoy it.

Love water regardless and it will do your body and you GOOD.


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