Mistake Women Make.


Its just when he gets angry that he bests me, he is not always like that, he will change when we eventually get married, there is no iota of doubt, his love for me can not be questioned.

Ladies, if your boyfriend gets angry and raises his hand on you, I take God beg you, no marry am  oooo. He will move to the next level when you eventually become his wife, you will automatically become his punching bag oooo. If he beats you in just a relationship, and you think he will change in marriage, you don enter one chance be that ooooo

A man is a full package, half of negative and half of positive, same goes for ladies too. Make sure that his positive outweighs the negative real good, something you can really over look and it won’t matter at all.

Look before you leap…marry with your head…they say love is blind, marriage is the eye opener…its shameful to consider a divorce and its hell living with a monster (my humble opinion).

Ladies, like my fellow naijas will always say shine your eyes well well


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