March is Women’s History Month, a great time to celebrate women who have had a positive impact on the world and also on your own life.

For me, My Mother stands out as role models… and I will always appreciate her for her courage, compassion and determination.

She taught me well about life. A mother that taught us so well about God and trained us up in His principles…taught us girls of how to behave among the opposite sex, warned us never to go “close” to them, and if ever we do and it results to something, we should always come home to real love…

None of her three children experienced starvation or hardship regardless of scarcity of food and difficulty to survive. She made sure we went on trips like the other children in school regardless… She always would celebrate our birthdays and get us new clothes just to make us happy…because of her constant care and love for her husband; her siblings christened her “My husband.”

She taught us how to keep a home and how to cook…no matter what obstacles she had to overcome throughout her life, she always had a positive attitude, a smile on her face and prayers on her lips.

She is old now and still has not changed. I pray that God will continue to keep her for us so that she would greatly enjoy all that she has labored for. I will always celebrate My Mother.


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