Shout out

So, I am shouting out to this radio station as the name implies (inspiration fm) inspires me.

There is this Sharing Life Issues thingy that comes up every day by Nkanu Egbe and Valentine Ohu, Mondays –Fridays at 7pm – 8pm, and same time on Saturdays and Sundays by Yolanda George-David. This people are always there to listen to any of your questions, and try to help you figure out the answers with a great deal of empathy, civility, eloquence and above all they leave you inspired. The entire inspiration crew is awesome, I no go lie you.

I would advice you to always tune in at exactly 7pm daily for an experience that you will never regret nor forget. If you happen to miss that hour, you can visit go to their podcast, look for Sharing Life Issues and listen to all. Then visit read, drop a comment and share.

You will find out that someone has gone thru what you think you are going thru, someone is listening to that wonderful advice of yours, and someone’s life can get transformed by Sharing Life Issues.


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