Signs a guy will never…

#sistersessions  last night with @egoluvmessenger and @valentine_Ohu I got to know of different signs a guy will never commit…

  • when he talks so much about his ex… he will leave you for her because he is still very much attached…in love with her.
  • when you are on the big side and he is always saying his wife would be slim or has pictures of a lot of slim ladies on his phone… babes, I beg run cuz he will not marry you.
  • when all you do is just cook for him, do his laundry, keep him company at home only… babes, if he does not take you out then run, he ain’t proud of you.
  • or he hangs out with you in an unusual place without his goons, please forget it, he ain’t proud of you.
  • or he introduces you to his goons and families as a special friend, biko what happened to ‘she is my girlfriend…my bae (I do not even like this word)…my baby…my priceless jewel…my sweetheart…figure out the rest joor
  • you are his girlfriend for like 5 years, and no sign that he will propose…guys why na? you want to ruin her life ni?
  • he calms he loves you and communication is zero…biko, communication is the what holds a relationship na

Ladies, I love you… my takeaway from last night is to enjoy the moment and expect less from guys, if your expectations are high, you will throw your hopes up and watch them all fall to the ground.

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One thought on “Signs a guy will never…

  1. There are no hard and fast rules to this. Some of the facts above are true and some are well… I rest my case. But the 5 years ish is a NO NO! Except u guys are in high school or something. I wish you all d best. Will try and listen to the #SisterSessions

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