Return it / Keep it?

images ring

A man wants his $30,000 engagement ring after a breakup. Whose side are you on?

I was of the opinion that I would not return it because he actually bought it for me. If he had bought me a Rolls Royce, would he take it back after the breakup?

My two wonderful twitter friends made me change my speech, they said:

“So you will be happy wearing a ring that signifies a broken engagement? Interesting” says Makida Moka.

Bammy Mackay says, “Uhm it’s not a gift. Why keep a ring that signifies an Engagement when it’s broken?”

How about you?


4 thoughts on “Return it / Keep it?

  1. Exactly what are u trying to achieve by keeping the ring? It’s over! It’s over! Return the ring! Would you have kept it, if it was a $100 ring? Are u keeping it bcos it was $30,000? Drop it! It makes you look like a materialistically cheap spinster. Give it back and maintain your dignity. You deserve so much more.

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  2. Lovelynerika I thot so myself, but emmm… its a broken engagement… #myhumbleopinion is to return it as a prestigious lady…we do not need him and we do not need his cash. Thank you for commenting. Have a pleasant day dearie.


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