If I Start To Talk…

Dear Ladies,

Once you figure out that you are in an unhealthy / abusive marriage, call for help.

Talk…open your mouth and tell someone.

Do not let the ‘for better, for worse’ vow result to pre-mature death please…

But there’s no way a guy will not show traits of being a beater in a relationship before marriage. The ladies will always give excuses for them…he didn’t mean itit was a mistakehe was highit was my faultI pushed him to the wallhe really loves me…I understand him well…

Oh please! Cut it!

Why will he ever raise his hands to beat you or even slap you? Did he not count cash to pay your bride price? Did he marry you to be his slave? If he is driving and another driver cuts across him, will he hit the guy’s car? Will he get off his car to pick up a fight? Wouldn’t he manage the situation by ignoring? So, why is the wife’s case different ehn? I really do not get it.

Ladies sef, bridle your tongue and be respectful at all times ehn…Guys, you know how ladies are, why wouldn’t you choose to wisely manage the situation? Seek the help of a counsellor if the situation is beyond your control, do not raise your hands, she is a human being as you are.

Ladies, stop making a checklist but sow seeds of friendship before you agree to marry him. Yes, a great deal of pressure comes when all your close friends are married, or are engaged to be married and no one is even wooing you. Marriage is for companionship, friendship, fellowship and love. Love is not blind, it has eyes do not be deceived.

Parents, stop encouraging your children to still stay in a home where she is being abused, get the lady out and help find a solution or you would end up inheriting your grandchildren…God forbid

If I start to talk ehn…


2 thoughts on “If I Start To Talk…

  1. I don’t know if you have noticed but you have become better at this. Keep up d good work. It seems like its a whole new version of Afua that’s talking.

    Then pls, at the slight hint of abuse, RUUUUUUNNNNN! You didn’t marry him to come and die. Get Out before its too late.

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