I Don Start To Talk…

In A Relationship…

Acknowledge what makes your partner special.

Shower him/her with praises.

Brag about your partner in front of others and your partner regardless…

Tell your partner he/she is beautiful/handsome.

Do not promise what you can’t deliver.

Listen and respect your partner’s view regardless at all times.

Love and respect are the foundation stones of a strong relationship, and that would make a wonderful marriage.

I don start to talk…

Do not mistake the wedding for the marriage…

Make preparations for the marriage, it is for a lifetime…wedding is only for a day.


2 thoughts on “I Don Start To Talk…

  1. I have said this before. Many people are so engrossed with planning the wedding that they completely forget about the marriage which is actually the Main Thing. The earlier we start focusing on the latter, the better.

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