How I Feel.

Odunayo and Wonuola my two friends from the University of Lagos days have been found, found as in… “whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favor of the LORD”.  We all have been extremely elated since we got the news and have a simple small surprise bridal shower planned out just to wow them.

Surfing the internet today on ideas on the surprise bridal shower, I saw and read a beautiful post on the single woman that explains how I have been feeling lately, let me share…

  • I don’t know about you…but I didn’t wait this long and come this far just to give up and settle for OKAY. Or even for GOOD. Just “good” or “okay” is not going to cut it for me when it comes to the person I spend the rest of my life with. And I’m not going to apologize for that.
  • Because here’s the thing: Yes, singleness can be a little lonely. It can be a little sad. It can be difficult, and awkward, and let’s be real: It just plain sucks at times. But nothing…NOTHING…is lonelier or sadder or more challenging than waking up one morning to find yourself trapped in a relationship with someone who is wrong for you, simply because you compromised your standards to avoid winding up alone.
  • When someone shows you how they feel…or don’t feel about you…believe them. If they love you, they’ll act like it. If they’re not acting like it…they don’t love you. If they want to be with you…they’ll be with you. They won’t just SAY they want to be with you, or tell their friends they want to be with you…they’ll SHOW you. And if their words say one thing and their actions say another…believe their actions. Every time.
  • The truth, even when it comes to love, is far simpler than we dare imagine or even wish. If you are left with feelings of confusion and anguish and uncertainty and rejection and unease…that isn’t love. Love isn’t perfect, no…but it’s also not torturous. It’s not painful. It’s not a constant gray area. Love is certain. Love looks like love. Love doesn’t hide or dodge or run. Love shows up. Love makes itself known, and it makes itself clear.

Yes, this is how I feel, call me arrogant I really do not care. I deserve nothing but the best 🙂




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