Welcome November.


Rafiki told Timon in the movie Lion King½ look beyond what you see.  I love that statement because since I decided to put that into practice plus following thru every instruction, I have discovered that there’s no such thing as barriers in life. This has helped me and is still helping me move on regardless of the ups and downs of everyday.

Brandy Cinderella is a movie I never get tired of watching. It got me thinking deep, what would have happened to her as she was enjoying the moment with Prince Charming and thought it was useless to leave at midnight? (the time of her life), what would have happen to her if she had turned back to pick up her glass shoe as it fell when she ran? She would have turned into the housemaid on the dance floor and Prince Charming and everyone there would have been greatly disappointed and maybe mocked her too. If she has stopped to pick up the glass shoe, Prince Charming would never have located her lailai and she would have remained a maid forever.

It’s amazing that Cinderella saw wonderful Prince Charming, danced with him and fell for him, but she had to look beyond all of that (her moment of glory) and kept the instruction of her Fairy godmother. She ran at midnight and her lovely glass shoe fell off, but she kept running. She looked beyond the beautiful glass shoe, keeping to instruction and that was how she became Prince Charming’s wife.

Life is full of ups and downs no doubt, they can break you down silly, but remember that broken crayons can perfectly color too. Look beyond those, follow thru every instruction  and you would be glad you did.

Happy new month!!!!

Welcome to lovely November!!!!

There is always something to remember in November 🙂


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