Small Amebo


Hmmm…I did one small amebo (the yoruba word for eavesdropping) ehn


I just heard Deji my neighbor begging his wife to always communicate.

Imagine they were both home and light went out.

She went straight to back of the house to start the generator, it refused to start. It needed to be serviced. She didn’t think to mention to her husband, she just got the car, pulled the generator to the back and headed for the Segun’s shop (the generator guy)

The next day, she wanted to make gizdodo, but the cooker didn’t come on as the gas had finished. She got the car and put the cylinder at the back and headed to refill it. She still didn’t tell him.

Another time she tried to pump water into the tank. Behold! There was a spark, it was faulty. She quickly got her phone to call the plumber and the electrician.

The height of it was when she saw that the front tyre of the car was flat, she still didn’t mention it. He just saw her trying to change the it and screamed Titiiiiiiiiii…I am home na.

He pulled her inside and begged her…

Please, once a man and a woman agree to be husband and wife, they are ONE.

I sincerely appreciate the fact that you are a wonderful hard working wife.

Please, drop the “I” for the “WE”, as together we would make this marriage work.

Please, let me know once anything goes wrong at home, even when I am not around.

You can’t possibly handle it alone pleaseeeeeee.

I heard her say okay in tears.

Imagine, me sef had wet eyes too…awwwwn.

Kai, I can amebo for Africa sha.

So, I stood that long to hear all of this?

Na wa for me sha…please don’t tell Deji I heard all this ooooo


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