Welcome To December!

I would like to first apologize for just welcoming you to the last month of 2016.

Better later than never 🙂

It is still hard to believe that the year is almost ending because the memory of last December is still very fresh ehn…

Last week was a very busy one as my dearest ally from the University of Lagos days would be getting married to her bestie next Saturday. So, we threw a surprise bridal shower for her last Saturday, and we had mad fun as it was extremely wonderful and we did not want it to end. It was at the bridal shower I realized the last we all saw was seven years ago ehn…

Of course, my friends made me the organizer and I had to carry everything on my head, and had to be sure that it went as planned too. It is not easy to plan an event ooooo…thumbs up for event planners. But it was awesome, and I was proud of the outcome. I am glad we got to WOW Odunayo, she is still in a state called shock as she was not expecting anything.

Her mum and siblings did a very good job at keeping our very own secret. Her Boo was wonderful as he cooperated well with me and did not even spill it . Odunayo said “I can’t believe Tayo hid this from me. Even my Mum too haha…so everybody knew this and kept it away from me?” then she cried.


Hmmmm…another surprise bridal shower to plan for early next year, Bukky is next.  Looks like I would become a planner for surprise bridal showers, because I have done three now and they have all been successful but stressful  sha…

Happy Monday!

God’s grace and mercy shall speak for y’all this week 🙂



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