For Guys.


Yes, it is December and there would be lots and lots of turn up till the very end. I am excited. I have five weddings and some outings to attend, I may have to divide myself as some are on the same day 🙂

I trust ladies to always look really nice and smell wonderful, they do not fail at that.

Some guys would cry ehn because most of them would lose their babes soon. All I am trying to say it that some guys can smell for the whole wide world, correct unpleasant smell…its simply called Body Odor

bo   images-bo

When you pass by some guys at the office sef, you begin to wonder how the air-conditioners could not even hide the odor. Guys, if you do not smell well your ladies would NEVER be proud of you and you would lose self-confidence. I beg you…

  • Once you find hair in your armpit, please shave quickly and always use deodorant.
  • Wash your under garments daily, NEVER try to repeat them or ehn…you know na
  • Never forget to take a bathe at least twice daily.
  • Brush your teeth twice daily (morning and night).
  • Always have things in your pocket for fresh breathe i.e Orbit, Mentos…I beg chew like a correct gentleman make people no know say something de your mouth (etiquette)
  • I know its trendy but let your beards look presentable always.
  • The cologne does not have to be expensive, but nice.
  • Never repeat your socks.

You really do not have to look expensive but simple and nice, and watch your ladies brag about you and your self-confidence rise 🙂

I have spoken now ooooo



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