5 Days to Christmas.

So, the last Nike and I saw was when I graduated from the college of education in 2004, although we chat a little bit. She is married with a lovely son and always busy as a make-up artist. I got to the office at 6:15am as usual, trying to crash before work begins then my phone beeped. It was a message from Nike.

Nike :    Babe, how far with life? Longtime!

Me :       I am pleasantly fine, thank you for asking.

Nike :    When will the wedding bells ring na? Hope you would not mind me asking?

Me:        🙂 soon by God’s grace.

Nike :    But, how old are you Addo? Do not be offended as I know it is funny asking plus we haven’t seen for a very long time now.

Me :          🙂 32…offended ke? Nah..

Nike :    Thirty what? I actually thought you are in your mid 20s…as you do not look your age…it better be soon. I would keep you constantly in prayers cuz God has to do it soon.

Me :       Thanks a million for the concern and for the thought to constantly keep me in prayers. I sincerely appreciate it. How has business been?

Nike :    Very fine, thank God. The next we would be chatting, it is your wedding you should be inviting me for kk. I would come and do your beauty treatments for free kk.

Me :       Oh! Thanks a squillion dearie. I sincerely appreciate. I hate to cut off the chat now, but I am at the office with lots and lots of work to be done. It was wonderful chatting with you after a very longtime, hmmmm…babes, we saw last 12 years ago. Please send my love to your family xoxo. Have a pleasant day dearie.

Nike :    Office Lady! Coscharis babe, come and dash me car oooo… Get to work and we would chat soon. Have a pleasant day too dearie.

Thank God for wonderful friends like Nike. To constantly keep me in prayers is a wonderful thing, may God richly bless her for making my day. Lemme enjoy me not looking my age…Christmas be good to me kk.



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