18 days already…

Yes, today is the 18th day of our 365 days journey. It has been awesome regardless…

I just got back to work after about 3 weeks of leave; I must say that it was delightful. Packed full of hangouts, turn ups, weddings, then a sad moment as my very good friend lost his dear mum, she was so sweet…I believe God does all things well even though it’s tough to understand. He has our lives planned out long before we were born; His love wrote the pages of our destiny. He remains a good God regardless…

I am extremely elated to be back to work even though it already seems tedious, but no work no pay.

I started this year with a great deal of enthusiasm. I got a book and wrote out my goals and mantras, they would guide me to a greater 2017 no doubt, coupled with diligence.

I got two mantras for the year which I strongly believe in : Think right – that is a duty to myself, do right – that is my duty to God, and I would be bound to turn out right. The second is from God’s wonderful book – The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage. You can find that in Psalm 16:6.

I will say them to myself daily, mediate on them and try with that is within me to apply them.

Have you written out your goals?

Do you have a mantra for the year?

If yes, then thumbs up for you.

If no, please what are you waiting for? The first month is ending soon.

I wish you all a wonderful time in this journey of 365 days; we shall all come rejoicing at the end of it.




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