Marriage Issues

So, I was listening to my favorite radio station inspiration fm, it was time for sharing life issues and the discussion was a shocker.

Like seriously, do parents still decide who their grown children should be married to? I thought parents are to guide them but it is still up to the children to make their decisions.

Ify and Ade are in love. Ify’s momma and papa aren’t flowing with her because he is Yoruba. “What happened to all the handsome and wealthy and responsible Anambra men?” Ify’s momma exclaims.

“Over my living plus my dead body would my son-in-law be an Ekiti man” says Ify’s papa. Ify is been hooked with Ikechukwu, a guy she doesn’t love but has to marry him all because of her parents.


Parents should please cut their children some slack on this marriage issue. Do not get me wrong, they have a vital role to play by guiding them but not to make decisions for them.

No wonder Aunty Tola ran away with Uncle Musa to be married without their parent’s blessings and consent. They have celebrated 30 years of anniversary with two adorable daughters. Her parents were left with no choice than to support them. But should every child do this?


Children, remain respectful to your parents in your decision regardless. Follow your heart because they would not live with you, or they would be gone and you would have to live with their choice apologetically. Commit all your ways plus decisions into God’s hands and he would perfectly direct your path.

Momma and Papa, pray for your children, guide them but do not decide for them.


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