Body Odour

I sincerely apologize for the long silence. The truth is that I have been very busy with my new found extra source of income, it is swissgolden. It is super cool. Comparing the input to the output is crazily sweet; anyway, this would be a talk for another day. Then school is not even giving rest, but please who send me? I sent myself to do masters because I want to be marketable, so let me just stop complaining.

What brings me here today is not pleasant at all. I passed by a fine young man yesterday and just was not happy with the impression he left me. He is fine, smart, hardworking, intelligent…but the deal breaker is that he has a strong body odour.
I like him at sight but the body odour would not let me stay so long with him. I thought of telling him but it is how? Would he be offended? Would he feel insulted? Would he feel like I am telling him as a friend? Would he think I have told people? Do I just buy deodorant and package it without a word? Would the message be passed to him? Do I get his friends involved? Do I have a chat with him via whatsapp regarding this? I have been asking myself series of questions on how I could possibly pass the message.

images bo

Guys, here is a quick advise for you – cleanness, may I say freshness is next to godliness. If you have body odour, you would know so please take proper care of your body and clothes especially your under garments. Ladies like me would not marry a guy with body odour. I am not pretty but I am beautiful in my own way and extremely clean.


Do not let the hair in the armpit grow, you must constantly shave. If you do not, you will smell once you sweat, and it is even worse once the smell dries, invest in a simple nice deodorant that would last all day. A nice but not too expensive perfume would do. Take a birth twice a day, and always have wipes with you to clean sweat at sensitive parts of the body. Brush your teeth twice daily, and always have stuff with you to always make your breathe fresh. Imagine kissing your lady with smelling mouth, that is would be so unpleasant and she would avoid kissing you too. Change your tooth brush every three months too.

Never repeat an under garment, I repeat NEVER…you would smell, and spraying perfume on the dirty under garment would make it worse ehn…do not ever try this. NEVER keep dirty under garments and wash after days. Please, it is an under garment, it is small, soak it five minutes before having your bath, then wash just before you leave the bathroom. Your face towel must always be clean. Finger and toe nails must be low and clean at all times. It is cool to keep the beards, but let them be low and wonderful to behold, do not forget that it does not fit all guys.
You do not have to be rich, just be simple and clean and fresh and your lady would always be proud of you. I have said my own now ooooooo


2 thoughts on “Body Odour

  1. Thank you.
    I am just seeing this as I have not visited here since last week, thanks to my work.

    You are so right, there are lots and lots of people with BO and are not aware, and some could be aware and not know what to do. I know a friend that had one, he thought using an expensive perfume could help, but it got worse as we could perceive the fragrance of the lovely perfume, and could still say he had BO. What I did was to buy him Nivea deodorant for men, and a set of shaving stick, he got the message, and the smell stop ever since.

    I met with one fine lady with BO, apparently she was not aware of it. I noticed it because we had to work together for a while. Honestly, I did not know how to tell her, but the chance finally came. My younger sister traveled and bought a packed of deodorant called Sensitive, I noticed that the fragrance lasts like forever, I am not exaggerating, because I had a wonderful shower after a very stressful day of work, woke up the next day and my armpit was still oozing Sensitive 🙂

    So, I gave her one. After a week, she wanted to know where I bought it and I gladly told her. She confessed that she never used one as she felt that deodorants are for people with BO, and that she had no offensive odor or unpleasant smell to conceal (imagine, see pot calling kettle black). So, I just told her that since the armpit terrain is not always exposed to air, there is a tendency for it to have an unpleasant smell after a while, so, if you shave once air grows there and always apply deodorant, it would always smell nice regardless… she was like really? and was grateful for the small talk. She started to use Sensitive from that moment on. I was extremely elated I was able to help without telling her that she had BO.

    I believe that they can be helped regardless…

    Thank you for stopping by.


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