The Sixth Month

images june

So, I am excited to see the sixth month of two thousand and seventeen.

Wait a second, does it mean we only have six more months to go for this year? Two thousand and seventeen, I have a good question for you, where are you running to na? Chill joor 🙂

So, why do people just spend a great deal of time just brushing the teeth? Do not get me wrong, they have to be white but the tongue is the koko (the main thing in yoruba). When you do not scrub the tongue, it would smell and once you open your mouth people would be like  “ewwww… she / he has mouth odor”

Guys, looks like I am picking on you but this photo below is the cause oooo…imagine you want to kiss her and she be like…


Ladies, you are talking with him and he goes like…

index no

be honest, how would you feel? I go cry oooooo.

Do not be fooled, anybody can have have MO. When brushing, tenderly scrub your tongue or you would sore it if you go hard scrubbing. Floss after every meal to ensure food particles are not caught in the teeth or gum, then rinse your mouth too, plus constantly drink water to keep your mouth moisturized. Have mouthwash in your pocket or bag, it would help you one day. Mint sweets would only go a short period, so, I would not advice you to just settle for them kk.

I never want to regret my first kiss, and I know you do not want to too (that is if you are like me that is still looking forward to… 🙂 )

Enjoy every moment of this sixth month and always keep the mouth pleasantly fine kk.

Thank you.



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