Single Ladies Palava

I just called my Aunty to say HELLO!

I had not spoken to her in a while and wanted to know how things have been. I planned to spend maximum of 10 minutes with her on the phone, but na lie ooo we went past 30 minutes. Guess what the talk was all about after the normal pleasantries, na marriage.

She was like “Afua, so you have succeeded in passing the age of 30 and still maintaining your single status ehn?”

I was like, “eeeemmmm…aunty…” I could not even construct a sentence at that moment, it was when her lecture was over and we said the goodbyes that I started to rant mehn…

I started to rant with her concluding statement – “be there okay, as all your mates are married with children, plus guys are no more looking for old ladies, they are now going for the younger ones, just be there kk”

But seriously, do they expect me to go and propose to the guy? Hell, NO.

Am I to just settle for anyone that comes all because I want to be married as every other married lady?  My humble answer is NO.

Do I just say YES to a monster disguised as an Angel all cause I am aging? Biko, NO.

Do not get me wrong, I want to be married.

Marriage is a beautiful thing but with someone that perfectly understands you regardless…

It is beautiful when this person knows all your flaws and still loves you regardless…

But, they would be like “so all the guys that have come are all bad ehn?”

Eh…eh this my aunty no go kill me, she added that I am making shakara because I do not look my age, and that I should not be deceived as I am aging on the inside. The body is closing up and you would not enjoy pleasure with your husband as in your youth. The difficulty in bringing forth life to the world would become high too. The one that shook me was when she said she has to arrange her friend’s son for me.

Honestly, she spoke the truth.

So, as I woke up this morning with a strong burden for all the single ladies in my age range and beyond, I decided to say this short prayer –

Dearest Heavenly Father, we need to talk. Our delight is in You and we know that You have our interest in mind, please grant this desire in our hearts. We yearn for that man that would cherish us. May your strong hands lead and direct him to us. Please, we trust that the man would be worth the wait. Prepare his heart and our hearts so that when we find each other, we just would know that this is only from You.




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