I Smile…


I smile today because the lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places

I smile because weeping may endure the night but joy comes in the morning

I smile because Eden Udemgba had words of encouragement for me as I started today.

She said…

Decide that hiding behind your roles as a cover-up for ineptitude will no longer do.

Decide that Motherhood alone in itself is no longer just enough.

Decide that being a wife is not some prized trophy or oversized accomplishment.

Understand that your sexuality is an integral part of you, not the sum total of you.

Strive to become every single thing you were created to be, unleashing your gifts and emptying yourself of every dormant potential before you die.

Refusing to dim your cause in a flurry of never ending chores.

I hope you now get the whole picture of why I smile…

I’ve got more to share…stay tuned


Eric arubayi is gone!


Arubayi, a talented Gospel singer, has passed on.

The artiste, in his early 30s, died on Saturday at the Delta State University Teaching Hospital.

Eric is said to have fallen sick earlier in the week and was rushed to the hospital.

Eric Arubayi was 3rd runner up at the maiden edition of the West African Idol.

Timi Dakolo, who won the prize, was part of groomsmen as Eric wedded Chiononso Iiomah on December 28, 2013 in Abraka, Delta State.

Eric and Chinonso celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary recently.

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If you want something to last forever

You treat it differently.

You shield it and protect it.

You never abuse it.

You do not expose it to the elements.

You do not make it common or ordinary.

If it ever becomes tarnished,

You lovingly polish it until it gleams like new.

It becomes special

Because you have made it so,

And it grows more beautiful and precious as time goes by.

By F. Burton Howard.


I declare that I am calm and peaceful.

I will not let people or circumstances upset me.

I will rise above every difficulty knowing that God has given me the power to remain calm.

I choose to live my life happy, bloom where I am planted, and let God fight my battles.

I am fashioned by the Master’s loving hands.

I am the belle of the ball in my own little corner.

I am that star up in the sky.

Unapologetically black

Black and proud

Dark skin girl

I am Afua.


Marriage Issues

So, I was listening to my favorite radio station inspiration fm, it was time for sharing life issues and the discussion was a shocker.

Like seriously, do parents still decide who their grown children should be married to? I thought parents are to guide them but it is still up to the children to make their decisions.

Ify and Ade are in love. Ify’s momma and papa aren’t flowing with her because he is Yoruba. “What happened to all the handsome and wealthy and responsible Anambra men?” Ify’s momma exclaims.

“Over my living plus my dead body would my son-in-law be an Ekiti man” says Ify’s papa. Ify is been hooked with Ikechukwu, a guy she doesn’t love but has to marry him all because of her parents.


Parents should please cut their children some slack on this marriage issue. Do not get me wrong, they have a vital role to play by guiding them but not to make decisions for them.

No wonder Aunty Tola ran away with Uncle Musa to be married without their parent’s blessings and consent. They have celebrated 30 years of anniversary with two adorable daughters. Her parents were left with no choice than to support them. But should every child do this?


Children, remain respectful to your parents in your decision regardless. Follow your heart because they would not live with you, or they would be gone and you would have to live with their choice apologetically. Commit all your ways plus decisions into God’s hands and he would perfectly direct your path.

Momma and Papa, pray for your children, guide them but do not decide for them.

18 days already…

Yes, today is the 18th day of our 365 days journey. It has been awesome regardless…

I just got back to work after about 3 weeks of leave; I must say that it was delightful. Packed full of hangouts, turn ups, weddings, then a sad moment as my very good friend lost his dear mum, she was so sweet…I believe God does all things well even though it’s tough to understand. He has our lives planned out long before we were born; His love wrote the pages of our destiny. He remains a good God regardless…

I am extremely elated to be back to work even though it already seems tedious, but no work no pay.

I started this year with a great deal of enthusiasm. I got a book and wrote out my goals and mantras, they would guide me to a greater 2017 no doubt, coupled with diligence.

I got two mantras for the year which I strongly believe in : Think right – that is a duty to myself, do right – that is my duty to God, and I would be bound to turn out right. The second is from God’s wonderful book – The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage. You can find that in Psalm 16:6.

I will say them to myself daily, mediate on them and try with that is within me to apply them.

Have you written out your goals?

Do you have a mantra for the year?

If yes, then thumbs up for you.

If no, please what are you waiting for? The first month is ending soon.

I wish you all a wonderful time in this journey of 365 days; we shall all come rejoicing at the end of it.