Seventh Month ke?

july aloha

Someone should please wake me up with a hard pinch

Honestly, it feels like I am dreaming

Two thousand and seventeen has landed in the seventh month ke?

And today is even the third day, iro oooo

But seriously, where are you running to na?

Five more months to another happy new year, na wa oooo

I would soon be thirty-three in four months, modaran oooo

Yekpa! My aunty would soon call me for another marriage lecture

Do not worry, I am aware I am old, no need to remind me kk

Besides, I really do not look my age, so fimile joor.

I can possibly look back from January till this very moment and conclude that

Grace is not tied to my performance

I have the grace of God because He has freely given it to me.

He says that each day is loaded with benefits for you and me, all we need to do is to stay allied to Him so that our benefits would not elude us. He is faithful.

This is all I have got to drop for today as it is a Monday.

Mondays are packed full of activities, we must have meeting, our dear valued customers must call to bring in their cars for servicing, the ones with bad manners must barge in without even thinking of calling and they expect we must attend to them, customers must call for inquiries, I must submit last week’s report or my superior is ever ready to dish out query (please do not tell him oooo) plus it is raining here in Lagos, Nigeria

Thank God for the rain as time is running ehn, it would soon be six o’ clock and I would clock out.

People, I am out as another customer is calling

Au revoir.