My Rolls Royce Experience.


So, I saw a customer at the workshop this afternoon with a silver Rolls Royce.

I opened my mouth with a big WOW!!!

He said, “Do you like it?”

I replied, “I love it.”

He asked, “Do you want a ride in it?”

With a big smile, I replied, “yes.”

We rode from the workshop to the gate.

I asked him to stop me at the gate ooo…

He refused and gladly offered to drop me at the entrance of the office.

As he got to the entrance, behold! Josiah Samuel hmmm…

As he tried to reverse to do a proper stop, then he hit a mini truck that was packed jejely on its own.

At that moment, I got scared because, the ride was new, and a lot of colleagues including my direct boss came to see what had happened.

I had to hide my face at the back since it was tinted and I did not want to be seen by any of my colleagues, and not even my boss, but looks like Josiah saw me, but I really do not care, because if he asks who the guy is, I will jejely tell him ”He is my friend.”

So, he drove me back to the workshop so that I would not be seen by my colleagues. Then he assured me that it would be fixed. He asked for my number, and for the first time in history I gladly gave it out to him.

Now, do not get it twisted, I gave him just because I was worried that the car got hit, but if you do not think so, then please go and mop the nearest beach.


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