Sunday July 16th, 2017, askdamz officially launched her Active Sneakers at 5 bank road, Ikoyi (Nakenohs blvd), and I enjoyed the event.



Who is askdamz?

Damola “Damz” Ladejobi is one of Nigeria’s Leading Certified Personal Nutritionist and Premier Weight loss Coach. In 2013, she began a fitness journey, which led to her shedding 35kg, and eventually, starting her own platform – Ask Damz, a weight management network where women experience transformation using her personal weight loss methods & techniques.

She said “We are what we eat. Take it one step at a time. Do it the healthiest way possible. There is a popular saying that goes, “Rome was not built in a day”, this applies with a weight loss journey, it’s the daily decisions we make, our meals, our activity levels, and those are the elements that matter.

Confidence and self-love is key when embarking on your weight loss journey. Learning and understanding how the process works would help you deal with different issues. We are all shaped differently, we have different metabolism, from one individual to another.

Some people have different target areas (belly, arms, thighs, etc.) that they would love to lose the extra fat, you have to listen to your body and know how it works. For people with underlying medical issues, I advise that you always seek medical counsel before commencing their fitness journey.

So, I present to you the past and present Askdamz


You can do it too, just askdamz kk.


Seventh Month ke?

july aloha

Someone should please wake me up with a hard pinch

Honestly, it feels like I am dreaming

Two thousand and seventeen has landed in the seventh month ke?

And today is even the third day, iro oooo

But seriously, where are you running to na?

Five more months to another happy new year, na wa oooo

I would soon be thirty-three in four months, modaran oooo

Yekpa! My aunty would soon call me for another marriage lecture

Do not worry, I am aware I am old, no need to remind me kk

Besides, I really do not look my age, so fimile joor.

I can possibly look back from January till this very moment and conclude that

Grace is not tied to my performance

I have the grace of God because He has freely given it to me.

He says that each day is loaded with benefits for you and me, all we need to do is to stay allied to Him so that our benefits would not elude us. He is faithful.

This is all I have got to drop for today as it is a Monday.

Mondays are packed full of activities, we must have meeting, our dear valued customers must call to bring in their cars for servicing, the ones with bad manners must barge in without even thinking of calling and they expect we must attend to them, customers must call for inquiries, I must submit last week’s report or my superior is ever ready to dish out query (please do not tell him oooo) plus it is raining here in Lagos, Nigeria

Thank God for the rain as time is running ehn, it would soon be six o’ clock and I would clock out.

People, I am out as another customer is calling

Au revoir.

Single Ladies Palava

I just called my Aunty to say HELLO!

I had not spoken to her in a while and wanted to know how things have been. I planned to spend maximum of 10 minutes with her on the phone, but na lie ooo we went past 30 minutes. Guess what the talk was all about after the normal pleasantries, na marriage.

She was like “Afua, so you have succeeded in passing the age of 30 and still maintaining your single status ehn?”

I was like, “eeeemmmm…aunty…” I could not even construct a sentence at that moment, it was when her lecture was over and we said the goodbyes that I started to rant mehn…

I started to rant with her concluding statement – “be there okay, as all your mates are married with children, plus guys are no more looking for old ladies, they are now going for the younger ones, just be there kk”

But seriously, do they expect me to go and propose to the guy? Hell, NO.

Am I to just settle for anyone that comes all because I want to be married as every other married lady?  My humble answer is NO.

Do I just say YES to a monster disguised as an Angel all cause I am aging? Biko, NO.

Do not get me wrong, I want to be married.

Marriage is a beautiful thing but with someone that perfectly understands you regardless…

It is beautiful when this person knows all your flaws and still loves you regardless…

But, they would be like “so all the guys that have come are all bad ehn?”

Eh…eh this my aunty no go kill me, she added that I am making shakara because I do not look my age, and that I should not be deceived as I am aging on the inside. The body is closing up and you would not enjoy pleasure with your husband as in your youth. The difficulty in bringing forth life to the world would become high too. The one that shook me was when she said she has to arrange her friend’s son for me.

Honestly, she spoke the truth.

So, as I woke up this morning with a strong burden for all the single ladies in my age range and beyond, I decided to say this short prayer –

Dearest Heavenly Father, we need to talk. Our delight is in You and we know that You have our interest in mind, please grant this desire in our hearts. We yearn for that man that would cherish us. May your strong hands lead and direct him to us. Please, we trust that the man would be worth the wait. Prepare his heart and our hearts so that when we find each other, we just would know that this is only from You.



The Sixth Month

images june

So, I am excited to see the sixth month of two thousand and seventeen.

Wait a second, does it mean we only have six more months to go for this year? Two thousand and seventeen, I have a good question for you, where are you running to na? Chill joor 🙂

So, why do people just spend a great deal of time just brushing the teeth? Do not get me wrong, they have to be white but the tongue is the koko (the main thing in yoruba). When you do not scrub the tongue, it would smell and once you open your mouth people would be like  “ewwww… she / he has mouth odor”

Guys, looks like I am picking on you but this photo below is the cause oooo…imagine you want to kiss her and she be like…


Ladies, you are talking with him and he goes like…

index no

be honest, how would you feel? I go cry oooooo.

Do not be fooled, anybody can have have MO. When brushing, tenderly scrub your tongue or you would sore it if you go hard scrubbing. Floss after every meal to ensure food particles are not caught in the teeth or gum, then rinse your mouth too, plus constantly drink water to keep your mouth moisturized. Have mouthwash in your pocket or bag, it would help you one day. Mint sweets would only go a short period, so, I would not advice you to just settle for them kk.

I never want to regret my first kiss, and I know you do not want to too (that is if you are like me that is still looking forward to… 🙂 )

Enjoy every moment of this sixth month and always keep the mouth pleasantly fine kk.

Thank you.


Happy Birthday Inemo

Today, I would like to celebrate a wonderful  black amie (French word for female friend). But, first of all, let me boost of the color He has given me, Black.

To every black lady or girl out there, you are beautiful, never let them fair light skin make you feel inferior. Always walk with your head held up high expressing that your wonderful color can never be bought, meaning its damn expensive and second to none.

Gone are the days when black ladies would want to cheapen their wonderful melanin just to attract the opposite gender to fakeness. Hey! Listen Mr.! I am a black lady, if you do not like my color, please take a walk kk 🙂

So, I rep James Brown to gladly say “I’m black and Proud

Dear Inemo,

Nubian queen!

My lemon blackie, Happy Birthday!

May the good Lord bless you real good, and may He grant all that you desire.



Body Odour

I sincerely apologize for the long silence. The truth is that I have been very busy with my new found extra source of income, it is swissgolden. It is super cool. Comparing the input to the output is crazily sweet; anyway, this would be a talk for another day. Then school is not even giving rest, but please who send me? I sent myself to do masters because I want to be marketable, so let me just stop complaining.

What brings me here today is not pleasant at all. I passed by a fine young man yesterday and just was not happy with the impression he left me. He is fine, smart, hardworking, intelligent…but the deal breaker is that he has a strong body odour.
I like him at sight but the body odour would not let me stay so long with him. I thought of telling him but it is how? Would he be offended? Would he feel insulted? Would he feel like I am telling him as a friend? Would he think I have told people? Do I just buy deodorant and package it without a word? Would the message be passed to him? Do I get his friends involved? Do I have a chat with him via whatsapp regarding this? I have been asking myself series of questions on how I could possibly pass the message.

images bo

Guys, here is a quick advise for you – cleanness, may I say freshness is next to godliness. If you have body odour, you would know so please take proper care of your body and clothes especially your under garments. Ladies like me would not marry a guy with body odour. I am not pretty but I am beautiful in my own way and extremely clean.


Do not let the hair in the armpit grow, you must constantly shave. If you do not, you will smell once you sweat, and it is even worse once the smell dries, invest in a simple nice deodorant that would last all day. A nice but not too expensive perfume would do. Take a birth twice a day, and always have wipes with you to clean sweat at sensitive parts of the body. Brush your teeth twice daily, and always have stuff with you to always make your breathe fresh. Imagine kissing your lady with smelling mouth, that is would be so unpleasant and she would avoid kissing you too. Change your tooth brush every three months too.

Never repeat an under garment, I repeat NEVER…you would smell, and spraying perfume on the dirty under garment would make it worse ehn…do not ever try this. NEVER keep dirty under garments and wash after days. Please, it is an under garment, it is small, soak it five minutes before having your bath, then wash just before you leave the bathroom. Your face towel must always be clean. Finger and toe nails must be low and clean at all times. It is cool to keep the beards, but let them be low and wonderful to behold, do not forget that it does not fit all guys.
You do not have to be rich, just be simple and clean and fresh and your lady would always be proud of you. I have said my own now ooooooo

Let your life count…


As I roll into the 59th day of 2017, more words from Eden Udemgba hit me again and I would like to share…

Determine to live vibrantly as a single wholesome person,

Gifting the world with the change agent that you are.

Not merely existing and waiting for that slow-paused choreographed social-media moment when a man gets down on bended knees with a ring in the presence of onlookers and friends,

While you grasp and cry with reckless relief. Or feigned surprise.

Live beyond glossy lips, well-manicured limbs and twerking hips.

Let your life count more than the expectation of exotic rendezvous and fine dinnings.

Happy new month!!!!!

Welcome to March 🙂